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20 jan 2022 om 23:43 My food was ready on time and the taste was excellent
20 jan 2022 om 11:32 Prognose was 25-50 min. 1,5 uur op een woensdag. Slecht gemanagde verwachting van een vaste klant. Onacceptabel lang wachten
17 jan 2022 om 22:15 Seems the cook has changed… the food is not of good quality as to what is expected from the premium store in Amstelveen. Paneer tasted old and other vegetable was tasteless. Quite disappointed.
10 jan 2022 om 20:44 This time taste was average(3/5).
8 jan 2022 om 20:19 Food was nice. This restaurant is always on top of my list. Additional compliment: when we highlighted the issue of late delivery of previous order.They acknowledged & sent sweets (no extra charges) with current order. That was really nice gesture
7 jan 2022 om 21:14 Flavors were great, but containers were squashed on delivery with some resulting leakage
5 jan 2022 om 22:13 We placed order for Paneer butter masala with Naan and we were charged 2 euros extra for it as well. However, the naan was not included in the food delivery package
4 jan 2022 om 17:36 Surprisingly order was delivered so quick, I already had doubt about the food. And the dhaba chicken curry not same as always. Rest of the food was good.
2 jan 2022 om 22:05 Delicious as usual
29 dec 2021 om 22:45 Great authentic food as always.
29 dec 2021 om 9:55 Butter chicken far too spicy (even though I chose the least spicy option) and instead or roti they give me naan. Not happy with this restaurant this time
29 dec 2021 om 3:47 Hebben 2 uur moeten wachten op eten. Toen eten uiteindelijk kwam, was alles lauw en moest opnieuw opgewarmd worden. 1x tussentijds gebeld waar bestelling bleef, zei dame dat het erg druk was, terwijl wij kort na opening hadden besteld.