The Indian Kitchen
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    The Indian Kitchen
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  • 16 sep 2014 om 23:47
    Heel goed van smaak en precies het tijdstip wat we gepland hadden
  • 13 sep 2014 om 20:25
    + Butter chicken was very nice, I can recommend. - Naan was a bit tasteless, normally better quality Delivery took really long, grumpy delivery guy.
  • 6 sep 2014 om 0:44
    The food is good. But when I order a curry (which comes with rice/Nan) and a separate Nan, they always miss the rice that comes with the curry. It's happening for the 5th/6th time for me. Ofcourse they provide the rice again..but it takes some more time.
  • 31 aug 2014 om 0:39
  • 24 aug 2014 om 23:37
    Food was very tasty and delicious. Appreciate the quality.
  • 22 aug 2014 om 9:24
    This is the best Indian take away restaurant in North Holland. Some people complain about delivery times. Personally I have never had a problem. Regardless, the food is worth the wait!
  • 9 aug 2014 om 7:17
    I love this Indian curry house. I order from this place at least once every week. The quality of the food is always perfect.
  • 7 aug 2014 om 21:06
    Echt fantastisch heerlijk eten, nog erg warm maar lang moeten wachten


The Indian Kitchen

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